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Top 10 AI-Powered Healthcare Apps and Widgets to Embolden Healthtech 2022

AI-Powered Healthcare Apps

The healthtech 2022 is looking forward to an awe-inspiring performance by 10 AI-powered healthcare apps

Over the course of time, the trend to seek help from healthcare professionals has shifted to Telehealth. AI-powered healthcare apps are an outcome of combining artificial intelligence and big data that are serving patients with adequate care at remote locations, which is thus known as telehealth. Healthcare apps are almost a necessity in the current times, that are appropriately recognized by AI in healthcare. From consulting a doctor to accessing test results multiple healthcare apps are facilitating distinct functions, which have been around almost for two to three years now and as we move to a new year, it is interesting to note the developments of healthtech 2022. Therefore, let’s witness some significant AI-powered healthcare apps that have satisfied innumerable people 3 years down the line, and here as a strong recommendation.


The features of this healthcare app make it convenient to identify any symptoms of a disease by answering the concerns of the users. By employing big data to build its algorithms and answers that are asked by the patient, this AI-powered healthcare app efficiently solves any confusion of people who suspect disease to be conjuring them. However, despite this assistance, if the confusion is not sorted, users can always schedule consultations with doctors that are available both within and after 24 hours. There are also settings to manage prescriptions and lab results.


A platform exclusively dedicated to mental health concerns, remote access to professional counselling and psychological assistance is all that this generation longs for. To cope with the everyday pressure of work barely makes it possible for people to seek professional help. Thus, an AI-powered healthcare app is trained such that on solving questionnaires users are directed to a set of therapists who can efficiently understand the patient. It either matches the user with the right therapists or allows the user to choose for themselves. Virtual sessions are facilitated by adding both of them to a virtual room.


The healthcare app is designed for users who are looking forward to getting a healthy life with a reduction in bodily fat. After evaluating the weight, age, height, and goal of the user the AI-powered healthcare app provides the user with professional advice. Based on the advice, everyday push notifications will remind the user about the diet chart, physical activities and will track them as well. It has also the function to connect the user with people having similar goals and struggling in losing weight.


AI in healthcare is enabling several unbelievable practices to come to the forefront that was once impossible without really knowledgeable individuals. Often, we eat food items that are either not known to us or we are not familiar with. By scanning on this healthcare app, the artificial intelligence algorithms detect the nutrients and type of food and invigorate the user with the nutritional values, ingredients, name of the item, and other attached information by breaking them into comprehensive terms.

Hello Heart

It is probably a widget in the form of the Apple watch, that keeps a track of blood pressure levels in the human body and reflects signs of deterioration by simply perching on the wrist. This has the potential to warn the user when they least expect it may be while they are involved in some casual activities. The records are further, used by healthcare providers to evaluate the well-being of the person.


Helping users to perform meditation and the use of the healthcare app has increased by multiple times since the onset of the pandemic. Almost every doctor suggests meditation as one of the most useful ways to get rid of anxiety and depression, thus the pandemic prompted people to re-consider the advice. The AI-powered healthcare app is trained according to the need of the user and operates in a specific direction after realizing their purpose.


The healthcare app is like a friend to those who are aiming to lose weight through daily exercise and workouts. The blend of suitable music matching the energy and audio instructions to follow while working out helps the user to remain on track. Precisely, the audio instructions are delivered by professional trainers. Besides, displaying the progress of the user, it also suggests improved workout schedules based on the user’s goals.


By employing this healthcare app one can gain knowledge about the nutrients and nutritional values attached to it. Based on the personal goals of the user, the AI-powered healthcare app reminds the number of specific nutrients that are missing out on.  Any food that is served can be detected by this app to reflect the nutrition stuffed in it.

Sleep Cycle

The healthcare app is empowered with enough artificial intelligence algorithms to measure and analyze the quality of sleep and sleeping patterns of an individual and inform them about any disruptions that might have kept them from a wholesome sleep. Moreover, it also educates the user about emerging sleep trends and insightful advice from experts besides a user-friendly dashboard.


A virtual nursing application is often prescribed by doctors when they tend to monitor patients remotely or there is a requirement to ensure 24/7 observation. The virtual nursing assistant is skilled with specialized algorithms as they also recognize the conditions of the patient that demands immediate intervention by the doctor.

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