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Top Metaverse Healthcare Stocks to Buy in April 2022

Metaverse healthcare stocks

Given below are the top 5 metaverse healthcare stocks to buy in April 2022.

The metaverse healthcare stocks are defined as a digital, three-dimensional globe that’s immersive and available in actual time by a limitless number of people, allowing for public connections, commerce, and many more. Currently, this is more science fiction (technology stocks) than actuality. Patience is required because the metaverse could take a decade or more to expand. But this is really huge news for investors. The metaverse has cemented itself as an investing theme of the prospect, but an apparent definition of the idea has yet to stick. By mid-November 2021, about 254 million coronavirus cases had been recognized globally causing more than 5.2 million deaths. However, almost 7.6 billion people in the world had received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, equating to 52.5% of the worldwide population. Given how the Delta variation of COVID-19, which is more than twice as contagious as the unique virus, wreaked chaos in mid-2021, scientists are now concerned that there will be more offshoots of the coronavirus that are even more infectious. As a consequence, new vaccines will carry on to be developed to battle these new virus strains – keeping COVID-19 and vaccine news front and center in 2022 and putting some healthcare stocks in the front driver’s seat when it comes to development. Given below are the top 5 metaverse healthcare stocks to buy in April 2022.


Idexx Laboratories

Idexx Laboratories has been one of the best metaverse healthcare stocks in 2021. The supplier of diagnostic and software products for veterinarians is up 25.6% YTD and 37.8% over the gone year. Regardless of a rough time on the charts, it’s been attractive on the attainment front, although IDXX did obtain ezyVet in June. This company provides a cloud-based performance information management system. As part of the attainment, Idexx gets ezyVet’s Vet Radar – an original workflow management solution system that’s seeing well-built expansion across the U.S., U.K., and Asia.


Walgreens Boots Alliance 

It got a star CEO in early 2021 when it hired Rosalind Brewer, then-chief operating officer at Starbucks, to top its company. Before Starbucks, Brewer ran Walmart’s Sam’s Club storehouse business. In August, Brewer started to put jointly a management team with numerous key hires, counting Tracey Brown, the company’s president of Retail and chief customer officer. VillageMD at present has more than 230 practices in 15 markets. It plans to unlock more than 600 Village Medical locations at Walgreens’ primary care practices by the year 2025. VillageMD could go communal as early as 2022.



It is one of the foremost COVID-19 vaccine candidates that’s yet to be accepted by the FDA and is having an unpredictable year in 2021. Its shares are up 65% YTD and 98.1% over the past year, with its share price trading as high as $331.68 and as little as $109.01. While the agreement in the U.S. is not on the company’s instant radar, approvals from other countries are ramping up. In November, Novavax and its manufacturing and advertising partner, the Serum Institute of India, received an emergency use agreement for their COVID-19 vaccine in both Indonesia and the Philippines.


HCA Healthcare

It is the owner and operator of 183 hospitals, urgent care centers, surgery centers, physician clinics, and freestanding emergency rooms in 20 states and the U.K. The hospital collection announced on Nov. 9 that all of its employees must have no less than one vaccine dose by Dec. 5 and be completely vaccinated by Jan. 4, 2022. In its press release, HCA added that a bulk of employees had already been fully vaccinated and it is working with those that haven’t in order to assemble its Jan 4 deadline.



Avantorgot its beginning in the year 1904 as the J.T. Baker Chemical Company. It focused on producing the purest of chemicals for manufacturers. After ten years, Mallinckrodt acquired the chemical company. In 2010, Avantor was acquired by affiliates of New Mountain Capital. With numerous acquisitions presently, it provides about 6 million products and services to its customers in three chief segments: Equipment and Instrumentation (15%), Materials & Consumables (70% of sales), and Services & Specialty Procurement (15%). About 85% of its revenues are frequent.

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