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Potential Healthtech Trends To Occur From Digitization In 2022

Healthtech Trends

Top healthtech trends caused by digital transformation in healthcare services to look out for in 2022

The healthcare industry has gone through a rapid phase of digitization amidst the pandemic, leading to healthtech emerging as one of the most acceptable ways to reach out for healthcare services. The past two years have seen an unimaginable transition with digitization in healthcare. To ensure safety and comfort, people have increasingly shifted to the digital mode of healthcare without any slightest hesitance. There are various benefits of healthtech that have outpaced the traditional or physical efficiency of healthcare service, especially in terms of punctuality and absence of travel. All this has given a boost to healthtech trends that may occur in 2022

Scientists and experts of the healthcare industry and healthtech suggest this integration to mark the commencement of healthcare transformation. As the popularity augments with time, the evolution will witness greater innovative solutions in the picture. However, the beginning is nowhere a negligible one, the impetus offered by the healthtech trends in 2020 were commendable. It includes several applications by the government to track, treat, and trace Covid-19 like Arogya Setu App, Cowin, and other state government’s initiatives that helped in finding beds and medicines. Therefore, legitimizing the healthtech in the healthcare industry and encouraging adoption by people.


As a result of having experienced mobile healthcare people are likely to yearn for it as it has various features that can assure healthcare service hassle-free. Connecting with healthcare services at any given time from any location is an added advantage to this. Further so, the emerging telehealth applications also incorporate FAQs on symptoms and diseases, tracking medical records, booking appointments, and more. All these are imbibing a sense of inclusivity in people, thus causing the doctors to adopt it.

Healthcare Cloud Technology

The cloud computing technology disrupting healthcare is immensely beneficial for researchers and scientists. With cloud computing, scientists can take forward significant discoveries and inventions. Various studies facing a hindrance caused by the lack of immediate information are now easily facilitated by this healthtech trend in healthcare. The digitization in healthcare through the inculcation of cloud computing has proved to be highly assistive for the planning activities and implementing diagnostic results as clarity prevails.

IoT In remote Healthcare

Precisely, the Internet of Medical Things is gaining huge impetus as a healthtech trend with greater dependency on work from home concept. Implementing Telehealth requires the involvement of IoMT, which is facilitating healthcare access to far-off distances without being asked for, thus creating recommendations and certainly awareness. The availability of edge devices at inexpensive costs has extended healthcare services in a faster and more cost-effective way. 

Predictive Analysis

Combining artificial intelligence and big data to improvise healthcare services has come to be one of the most helpful phenomena. Physicians and clinicians are very likely to recognize at-risk patients and implement preventive care efficiently, which will increase the competency of healthcare by multiple times. Besides, helping doctors to create a treatment plan based on actionable intelligence manifesting forthcoming risks, patient knowledge is also cultivated through this. 

Digital Therapeutics

Digital therapeutics is an ever-evolving healthtech trend that has enormous potential to grow in the next decade. After consultation, diagnosis, and medical tracking, healthtech developers are eagerly waiting for the approval of digital therapeutics to appear in the mainstream. But on a larger scale, accuracy is still doubted. However, with time it will gain the trust and faith of the healthcare industry as well as the people.

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