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Top 10 Healthtech Trends in Indian Healthcare Industry


HealthTech Trends in the Indian Healthcare are Transforming the Future of Healthcare Industry

The implantation of advanced healthtech solutions in Indian healthcare is not a long-time endeavor, instead, it is just in the few recent years that the significance of healthtech in the Healthcare Industry has been realized by India. The pandemic commotion has caused the future of healthcare to emerge in its true colors with the introduction of various healthtech trends that are stealing the spotlight at the moment. The healthtech innovations in India had a low-key presence before this and the Covid-19 ravage has made it apparent and worthy of acknowledgment.


Remote healthcare facilities are enabled by telehealth or telemedicine. Being able to consult doctors online and purchasing medicines without violating lockdown norms has gained this healthtech trend immense appreciation. Applications like Practo, Apollo 24/7, and many more are thriving successfully in Indian healthcare. The effort to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus and the fear to get infected catalyzed the use of telehealth and lead it to appear at the forefront of the Indian Healthcare Industry.

Medical Wearables

The healthtech trend of wearing smartwatches, Fitbit, or even pulse oximeters to track exercise and bodily functions is quite popular in use. Indian Healthcare has seen an upward trend in the employment of this wearable healthtech for the last five to six years as the concern for independently recording personal health has erupted.

Artificial Intelligence Software

Empowering the computerized healthcare mechanisms to perform in a more personalized and smart manner has resulted in the prevalence of artificial intelligence. Accomplishing complex surgeries, advancing pathology, aiding healthcare research are consequences of blending artificial intelligence to define the future of healthcare in India. The Indian healthcare industry has largely adopted these technologies, including machine learning, to improve the face of the healthcare Industry.

mHealth Technology

Mobile health or mhealth is a healthtech trend that takes assistance from mobile operations and technologies. This is a wireless trend followed by India inevitably in other sectors and the healthcare industry is resorting to it now. Mobile-phone-centric applications are intended to monitor patients from a remote location and reduce the cost of procuring in-person treatments. Bookings of appointments and services like done on Co-win are also considered under mhealth technology.

Cloud Computing

Healthcare data consist of immense value which includes innovative resources, Confidential identity, and medical records, and medicine stock trackings. Almost all the countries in the world take refuge in cloud computing services to protect their healthcare data from malicious circumstances and perils. Healthtech is substantially implemented through the invasions of cloud computing as it helps to ensure the security of the online presence.

Virtual Medical Assistance

Nearly all the affluent healthcare institutions in India have adopted this healthtech trend of virtual medical assistance to reduce the pressure on the existing administrative teams of the hospitals. These systems help in restoring and renewing health insurance, printing prescriptions, scheduling appointments, automated chatbots, and many other functions.

Big Data Analysis

Indian healthcare is oversaturated with patients and certainly, without employing big data analytic technology it is near to impossible to manage the numbers. The latest innovations in machine learning are also aided with big data management as this healthtech trend is a crucial aspect of integrating information about diverse treatments and diseases with available solutions.

Blockchain Technology

The decentralized ledger associated with blockchains helps Indian healthcare to limit the corruptive practices in the process of supplying medicines and ensuring equal healthcare services in different places. This healthtech trend is taking time in India to excel but in no time, it will create an egalitarian healthcare Industry. Furthermore, blockchain technology is highly beneficial in genomic code discovery for researchers.

3D Printing

This is a technology that is assuming importance in Indian healthcare gradually with the entrance of prosthetic and transplantation surgeries. The 3D visualization of human organs enabled by the healthtech trend has caused the healthcare industry to foster more practical training of the budding aspirants. The projection of human parts to educate the patient about the developments there also ensures their cooperation.


Minimally invasive surgeries and impeccable treatments of delicate regions of the human body like the central nervous system are now possible with Nanotechnology that has been accepted as a healthtech trend for many years now. Indian healthcare is just excelling in this technology and imbibing more and more smart healthtech solutions in it to progress.

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