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Top 10 Women-Led Healthtech Startups that are Revolutionizing Healthcare

Top 10 Women-Led Healthtech Startups that are Revolutionizing Healthcare

Best 10 women-led startups in healthcare that are revolutionizing healthcare

Women CEOs closed 19% of 2021’s digital health offers through Q3, the best percent ever recorded. For comparison, in 2020, women CEOs raised 16% of offers. But despite the latest years being record years of funding for women-led startups and a documented amount of capital being invested in Europe, women-led companies have received simply 0.7% of overall funding, or €400 million (about $473 million). The gender imbalance in Venture Capital is one of the prominent reasons for this loss of funding. The latest document put out by European Women in VC observed that a big block to gender parity for women-led startups is the shortage of girl general companions in European firms. A loss of investment for women-led startups in healthcare is associated additionally in element to the age of today’s women-led digital companies: 59% of digital health offers raised by women CEOs in the first 3 quarters of 2021 have been Seed or Series A, as compared with 40% of offers for men-led companies. Given this early level activity, it could be anticipated that a cohort of women-led HealthTech startups could be raising larger-level rounds in the coming years, and hopefully, enhancing those statistics. The top 10 women-led startups in the healthcare industry are given below:


Melissa Snover 

Under the Rem3dy Health Group banner, she is based, Melissa Snover is pioneering customized healthcare solutions. One of her thoughts is nourished, a vitamin product that makes use of the patented three-D printing era to create a customized vitamin gummy. Meanwhile, Scripted is placed to be the primary 3D revealed remedy dispensary in the pharmaceutical market, following clinical trials in Spain.


Arianna Radji Lee 

Pachamama is loosely interpreted as ‘mother earth’, and is the call Arianna Radji Lee selected for this virtual platform that pursuits to assist women who’re pregnant. Launched in November 2019, its purpose turned into to create an online network of expectant moms to assist every different with events, workshops, podcasts, and get admission to parenting experts. The community grew considerably for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic while mothers have been maximum at risk of feeling isolated.


Louise Stevenson 

WorryTree is an app that makes use of CBT to assist people to manipulate anxieties and stress. Louise Stevenson determined to create the app after she turned into identified with Generalised Anxiety Disorder and was referred for CBT herself. Some of the gear the app teaches are directly stimulated via way of means of her periods with her therapist.


Sahar Arshad 

Sahar Arshad is the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of CloudMedx, an AI platform that facilitates healthcare carriers to make medical decisions. The machine makes use of NLP to examine records from medical workflows and supply insights to assist clinicians with care delivery. CloudMedx has gained a Cisco Global Disruptors award amongst others. Pakistan-born Arshad turned into formerly the CEO of augmented and virtual reality company Imaginate Technologies.


Jo Aggarwal 

Jo Aggarwal is at the back of Wysa, an AI-powered mental health startup that makes use of an “emotionally touchy AI bot” to deal with patients. The app makes use of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), meditation, breathing, yoga, and motivational interviewing among different techniques. Users also can get admission to a human education or therapist thru the app, which Aggarwal says has prevented masses of suicides, and helped millions with their mental health.


Beau Wangtrakuldee 

Beau Wangtrakuldee, Ph.D., is at the back of AmorSui, a healthcare tech business enterprise that has created software to assist hospitals to enforce reusable, environmentally-pleasant, and gender-inclusive PPE. Wangtrakuldee turned into inspired to expand the software after she was skilled in a spill in a lab where chemicals burned thru her lab coat.


Hilary Coles 

His & Hers gives get admission to clinical products and answers through telemedicine, focusing on products that might be precise to men and women which include hair loss, erectile dysfunction, start control, and sex drive changes. Hilary Coles co-based Hims initially, earlier than realizing that girls in the US have been missing a convenient manner to get admission to healthcare and information.


Dr. Asha Parekh 

Dr. Asha Parekh is the co-founder and CEO of Front Line Medical Technologies, a clinical tool company. These days evolved the COBRA-OS™, which facilitates the front-line medics to manipulate bleeding in emergencies. Born in Canada, Parekh has a Ph.D. in biomedical engineering with a specialty in biomaterials and healthcare devices.


Dr. Lisa Anderson 

Dr. Lisa Anderson is the CEO and co-founder of health tech startup Paragonix Technologies. She is one of the inventors of the SherpaPak, a transportation tool that permits organ transplantation – in particular hearts. It works by using proprietary thermal cooling to hold hearts at a constant temperature during transport, assisting the hearts to tour similarly to the usage of conventional methods, and therefore increasing donor options.


Tania Boler 

Tania Boler has created what Vogue mag has labeled “the maximum revolutionary and discreet breast pump to date”. Compared to maximum breast pumps, which can be noisy and require wires, Elvie’s is nearly silent and has no tubes. Boler’s different product is a schooling tool that sporting activities pelvic floor muscles that’s now prescribed thru the UK’s National Health Service (NHS).

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