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Top 10 Healthtech Myths and Realities You Must Be Aware Of

Healthtech Myths

Prominent health tech myths and realities hindering healthcare technology to expand with freedom

Healthcare technology is currently overriding a massive set of cumbersome and inept healthcare techniques that were employed in the absence of advanced healthcare technologies like now. Subsequently, this hard-earned success is often challenged by numerous healthtech myths. Contemporary technological developments like artificial intelligence, machine learning, automated computerization are all projected to the canopy of myths that are followed by eye-opening realities to be aware of. These realities are based on facts breaking the antique myths surrounding the above incorporations in healthcare.

1. Healthtech Myth- Advanced healthcare technologies are unaffordable expensive

Reality- While the establishment of the new technology may lead the hospital or the institute to incur a mandatorily higher cost, over the course of time, it turns out to be an asset. Furthermore, it also serves as a cost-efficient technique in the long run. Above all, it strengthens and increases accuracy, which the healthcare industry strongly aims at. Thus, the initial expense eventually appears to be worth it as the efficiency and productivity improve alongside diminishing high recurring costs.

2. Healthtech Myth- Security risks aggravate the employment of healthcare technology

Reality-Often computerized programmings are mistaken for cyber insecurity, which is justified owing to the past occurrences in the technology industry due to the lack of awareness. But, as the awareness started pervading, the risk was seen to be potentially challenged. It was a least known phenomenon earlier and now the spread of knowledge about how to protect vulnerable digital properties has assured greater safety than the conventional techniques. The end-to-end encryption of networks has caused enhanced security protection.

3. Healthtech Myth- Increases unemployment in the healthcare sector

Reality- It is absolutely pointless to contemplate such beliefs when the healthcare technologies are empowered to only perform mundane and repetitive tasks which are over-exhausting for the human resources. Advanced healthcare will not replace human productivity instead it will bolster the efficiency and retain their focus on the more human-driven work than worrying about the logistical and other cumbersome processes.

4. Healthtech Myth- Complex process of extracting resources

Reality- Completely a misleading statement rumored about healthcare technology that has resisted substantial healthcare organizations to adopt advanced healthcare and machine learning solutions. Instead, the healthcare technologies efficiently help the organizations to keep track of resources and automatic reminders are issued as and when they come to perish. Moreover, digital payment options, cloud computing for data maintenance, and easily order resources from available points of purchase than waiting for a single wholesaler.

 5. Healthtech Myth- Adaptability is a trouble

Reality- The idea that healthcare technology applications can be difficult to get familiar with is a complete hoax. Besides the user-friendly interfaces of the applications. Employee training programs to implement these technologies are immensely helpful and result-oriented. However, continuous reinforcements should be there for them to not fall short of motivation to adapt.

 6. Healthtech Myth- Technical glitches and network errors can be dreadful

Reality- Advanced healthcare technology is inclined to the objective of 24/7 healthcare services more dedicatedly than before. High-end healthcare technology applications are unlikely to demonstrate technical glitches any often than in several years due to software outdated problems. Besides, support staffs are always amiable to sort the issues and suggest alternatives at the time of emergency.

7. Healthtech Myth- Efficiency will be lazed out

Reality- Interestingly by no means can productivity be endangered, it is simply going to alleviate peripheral tasks and channelize the energy of the employees towards the focal responsibilities that deserve continuous care. Thorough training and employee satisfaction are assured by faster digital networks through the centralized connection of mobile devices. This further saves time and energy to do an extra amount of what can be more satisfying.

8. Myth- Machine learning is an alternative to doctors and surgeons

Reality- In straight words, although machine learning applications are capable to carry out surgery and predictive analysis, it is still the human element extended by doctors to the patients in their decision-making. Moreover, doctors also evaluate various factors related to the patients that are not included in the big data and are unique to the patient’s history.

9. Myth- Big data can always lead to success

Reality- Having enough data is remarkable but aligning it with the right cause is the challenge. Often healthcare professionals are confronted with the struggle to find the right data which remains missing from the worldwide record. Interpreting a vast set of data is also troublesome as they reflect various subjects to a particular event.

 10. Myth- Immediate implementation of algorithms

Reality- Surprisingly a large number of medical professionals yet not recognize powerful algorithms into practice which leads to a loophole in the employment of healthcare technology. Ultimately advanced healthcare cannot yield success to the healthcare industry until and unless the healthcare professionals accept and identify their significant role in manifesting the benefits.

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