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Top 10 Commercially Successful Blockchain Healthcare Projects

Top 10 Commercially Successful Blockchain Healthcare Projects

10  Commercially Successful Blockchain Healthcare Projects you shouldn’t miss out 

Blockchain is an arising innovation being applied for making inventive arrangements in different areas, including medical services. A Blockchain network is utilized in the medical services framework to save and trade patient information through clinics, demonstrative research centers, drugstore firms, and doctors. Blockchain applications can precisely distinguish serious mix-ups and, surprisingly, risky ones in the clinical field. Subsequently, it can work on the presentation, security, and straightforwardness of sharing clinical information in the medical services framework. Blockchain in healthcare is an emerging technology being applied for creating innovative solutions in various sectors, including healthcare.  Blockchain in the healthcare system to preserve and exchange patient data through hospitals, diagnostic laboratories, pharmacy firms, and physicians. This innovation is useful to medical care services to acquire understanding and upgrade the examination of clinical records. Different Capabilities, Enablers, and Unified Work-Flow Process of Blockchain Technology to help medical services worldwide are talked about diagrammatically. Blockchain has a definitive impact in taking care of misdirection in clinical preliminaries; here, the capability of this innovation offer is to further develop information proficiency for medical services. It can assist with keeping away the apprehension about information control in medical services and supports remarkable information stockpiling design at the most significant level of safety. It gives adaptability and interconnection. Blockchain helps for the decentralized insurance of information in medical care and stays away from explicit dangers.

The healthcare industry is the new frontier for blockchain healthcare project technology. Blockchain healthcare projects represent an opportunity for an unparalleled level of privacy and safety for all stakeholders by ensuring data integrity while giving patients control over their health statistics. On a backdrop of increasing interest in blockchain in healthcare in general and blockchain healthcare applications in particular, there has been a propagation of blockchain projects over the past few years.



Industry: Big Data, Cybersecurity, Software

Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado

What they do: BurstIQ’s platform helps healthcare companies safely and securely manage massive amounts of patient data. Its blockchain technology enables the safekeeping, sale, sharing, or license of data while maintaining strict compliance with HIPAA rules.

Blockchain application: The company uses blockchain to improve the way medical data is shared and used.



Industry: IT, Enterprise Software

Location: Austin, Texas

What they do: Factom creates products that help the healthcare industry securely store digital records on the company’s blockchain platform that’s accessible only by hospitals and healthcare administrators. Physical papers can be equipped with special Factom security chips that hold information about a patient and stored as private data that is accessible only by authorized people.

Blockchain application: Factom employs blockchain technology to securely store digital health records.


Medical chain 

Industry: Electronic Health Records, Medical

Location: London, England

What they do: Medicalchain’s blockchain maintains the integrity of health records while establishing a single point of truth. Doctors, hospitals, and laboratories can all request patient information that has a record of the origin and protects the patient’s identity from outside sources.

Blockchain application: Medicalchain’s blockchain-based platform maintains a record of the origin and protects patient identity.



Industry: Cybersecurity, Blockchain

Location: Irvine, California

What they do: Guardtime is helping healthcare companies and governments implement blockchain into their cybersecurity methods. The company was vital in helping implement blockchain in Estonia’s healthcare systems, and it recently signed a deal with a private healthcare provider in the United Arab Emirates to bring blockchain to its data privacy systems.

Blockchain application: Guardtime employs blockchain for cybersecurity applications, including healthcare.


Professional Credentials Exchange

Industry: Big data

Location: Tampa, FL

Blockchain application: ProCredEx has created a distributed ledger of healthcare credentials data that boosts complex dataset efficiency by rendering the data immutable and permanently traceable, allowing data to be curated to meet unique organizational requirements and shared with authorized partners.


Avaneer Health

Industry: Big data

Blockchain application: Avaneer is a new company backed by Aetna, Anthem, and Cleveland Clinic that is dedicated to using blockchain technology to improve healthcare efficiency, utilizing a public ledger to support better claims processing, and secure healthcare data exchanges and keep provider directories maintained and up-to-date. 



Industry: Blockchain, Medicine

Location: Moscow, Russia

What they do: Robomed combines AI and blockchain to offer patients a single point of care. The company deploys chatbots, wearable diagnostic tools, and telemedicine sessions to gather patient information and share it with the patient’s medical team. Robomeds Panacea platform engages patients into smart contracts that incentivize and lead them down the path to better health.

Blockchain application: Robomed uses blockchain to securely gather patient information and share it with a patient’s healthcare providers.



Industry: Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Healthcare, IT

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

What they do: Patientory’s end-to-end encryption ensures that patient data is shared safely and efficiently. The company’s platform enables patients, healthcare providers and clinicians to access, store and transfer all important information via blockchain. Patientory helps the healthcare industry to move more quickly by housing all patient information under one roof.

Blockchain application: Patientory’s blockchain platform enables the secure storage and transfer of important medical information.



Industry: Pharmaceutical development

Location: New York, NY

Blockchain application: Embleema is a virtual trial and regulatory analytics platform designed to fast-track drug development. Users are recruited to digitally consent to secure, untampered medical data collection, which is then stored on Embleema’s blockchain and analyzed.



Industry: Big Data 

Area: Foster City, CA

Blockchain application: Akiri works as an organization as-a-administration enhancement explicitly for the medical care industry, safeguarding patient wellbeing information while moving it. The Akiri framework doesn’t store information of any sort, it works as both an organization and a convention to set strategies and arrange information layers while checking the sources and objections of information progressively.

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