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The Top 10 Super-Creepy Medical Technologies in the World

The Top 10 Super-Creepy Medical Technologies in the World

Creepy medical technologies are always the center of attraction. Whether it be good or bad.

We are all for new medical technologies here, spending our numerous days researching where the science of medicine goes. With that said, now and then we see amazing but creepy AI innovation that freaks out even the experienced team of The Medical Futurist. So here we collected ten examples of either super creepy medical technologies or ingeniously evil uses of perfectly innocent technologies in healthcare. 


Falling in love with an AI-based girlfriend

Here is a story of a person who claims to fall in love with his AI chatbot girlfriend. He even says that the newfound love truly saved his present marriage. Please, don’t misunderstand him, we believe that existence should have been extraordinarily difficult with a significantly depressed wife with heavy drinking problems. But still, there may be something very uncanny about analyzing approximately a two-day-old digital relationship blossoming into love, especially, witnessing the depth of the communication Sarina, the AI girlfriend is capable of providing.


Virtually reuniting with our dead loved ones

A very well-known Korean project in which a young mom changed into being able to meet together with her deceased daughter in virtual reality could be very a whole lot in the news. This video is heartbreaking and has very ethical and emotional questions. Of course, as many have pointed out, this mom has selected to take part in this venture, and she changed into not being forced to do that.


Discovering your X-ray on sale for 2000 pounds as an NFT – created by your medical doctor without your approval

A senior medical professional at a Paris medical institution placed the image of a woman’s forearm with a Kalashnikov bullet lodged close to the bone up for sale online as an NFT without the patient’s knowledge about medicine. And not handiest did he provide the NFT for a bit over 2 thousand pounds, but he also posted much information about the injury – making it feasible to identify the victim.


Robot nanny for budding up babies in artificial wombs

“Scientists in China have created a robot AI machine to monitor and care for human embryos developing in artificial wombs. The AI robotic is being evolved as a potential strategy to population increase issues in the world’s maximum populous country, with start costs lately falling to their lowest stage in six decades in healthcare medicine.” – you could examine in the Independent.


The red blood-drawing AI robots

First, this doesn’t sound creepy. Drawing blood won’t be our favorite thing, however not anything of fear for a maximum of us either. Vein scanners are round for a while, surely being a beneficial little device to ensure you discover good veins with enough blood flow. Medical Robots are around hospitals in healthcare, and the pandemic increased their deployment.


Good morning, it’s time to wake up from your sleep with electroshock!

Are you a morning type of person? Good for you! Are you having problems with the mornings? The Snooze button is your satisfactory friend? Do you have ordinary issues with sleeping in? We have desirable information for you! For only a slight quantity of money, you may buy your electroshocking watch to be able to make sure you get out of bed quicker than ever before. And like every desirable Pavlovian dog, it promises to educate your mind in no time.


Fashionable babies and toying with the latest CRISPR technology

Gene editing technology grants medical scientists the strength to add, regulate or dispose of elements of any creature’s DNA. Well, unicorns or dragons can be out of the question, however, mosquitos’ or maybe Christmas trees’ tiniest constructing blocks can be the problem of such medical meddling. While numerous methods emerged for gene modification, one of the most well-known is CRISPR in healthcare technologies. It is the fastest, cheapest, and maximum efficient method evolved so far.


Advertising insightful our ideas

Last year, in a discreet building in downtown Los Angeles, 18 topics had been informed to look at an atypical video providing a synth-laden soundtrack and herbal imagery interspersed with glimpses of Coors Light beer cans.

Shockingly, it appeared to be medical work. Around 30% of the participants pronounced that Coors products made the look of their dreams.


News about your incurable illness arriving on wheels and a digital screen

Ernest Quintana, 78, an inpatient of a California scientific center was living with continual obstructive pulmonary sickness for years. Although his medical family knew that he might die soon, they have been not organized to peer a gadget rolling into his room and a doctor, performing via stay video explaining that according to the latest effects of the scientific AI tests, there’s nothing they can do, and he isn’t always even certain if Ernest could be capable of making it domestic to receive healthcare.


The microchip rooted under your deep skin

Human RFID implants have simply been around for a while, and you may use them for some things. (We mean, you may choose to apply them FROM some of the things, however, are not capable of doing those all at once). So with a rice-sized implant on your hand in medical, you may open your car, or your door, you may simply use your hand for contactless payment in the shop, or keep your vaccination/medicine pass there.

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