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MDI NetworX: Empowering the Healthcare Industry with Holistic Tech-Backed Business Solutions and Services

Tilak Sharma

The healthtech industry services were redefined after the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic. The advent of the virus has pushed our world towards a more effective and faster adoption of technology, and healthcare industry, in general, has witnessed adverse changes in the past couple of years. MDI NetworX is one such healthcare company that is making the transition towards healthtech more agile and efficient. It is a leading global provider of business management services committed to delivering exceptional services and solutions to healthcare payers, TPAs, and MCOs. The company works closely with its clients to help reduce operational costs, increase first-pass adjudication rates, and enhance customer service. Building on the team’s vast industry experience, MDI NetworX is continually developing technologies to overcome evolving business challenges. The company is constantly creating newer, better ideas that provide innovative solutions to serve the best solutions to its customers.

MDI NetworX provides a wide range of service offerings that cover end-to-end operations for the clients to manage mailroom, front-end, claims adjudication, claims adjustments, member enrolment, provider maintenance, EDI, reporting, and analytics, provider support, L1-L3 technical support, and much more.

Furthermore, the company also offers a wide range of products to cater to some of the niche audiences in the healthcare industry. MDI’s flagship product InsightPRO, a first-in-class AI/ML-powered workforce and performance management system is helping over two dozen clients and over 5,000 platform users achieve significant efficiencies in claims operations. In addition, clients are reaping the benefits of using other MDI products such as ClaimEDIx, a one-stop solution for all the PPO routing and repricing needs, and Mage, a provider contract modeler that helps payers with the fee for service, per diem, and case rate contract negotiations with provider groups.


Coping Up with New Advancements and Clients’ Needs 

Over the last two decades, MDI NetworX has partnered with payers in the healthcare insurance domain, helping them transform their business operations entirely. Using this vast experience, the team has enabled companies to improve their processes and enhance the overall efficiency of their operations propelling their business towards greater accountability and transparency.

Through a combination of the company’s global delivery network, strong technology capabilities, and proven operational excellence, MDI’s objective has always been to allow customers to concentrate on their core capabilities while it manages the complex nuances of internal business processes.


A Veteran Serial Entrepreneur 

As the Founder of MDI NetworX, Tilak Sharma is a visionary with over 30 years of experience as a successful entrepreneur and investor in the US, India, and GCC regions. Currently, he is the CEO and President of MDI NetworX.

With an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern, Tilak is currently involved with several ventures in the healthcare technology, outsourcing, and mobile commerce space. Having recognized the potential of technology early on, Tilak was inclined to redefine the healthcare management space through innovative platforms that would positively impact every stakeholder in the value chain. Under his stellar leadership, the organization continues to see tremendous growth as it ventures across geographies.


Constant Evolution as a Trigger to Growth

Tilak opines that the dynamic nature of technological innovations makes it critical for organizations to constantly adapt innovative products and services that keep pace with the changing demands of the industry. For MDI NetworX, its biggest strength is its ability to constantly evolve and offer partners and clients solutions that will help the organization reach its full potential.


Transforming Relentlessly to Unleash Unique Services

Tilak mentions that disruptive technologies are fundamental to innovations in healthcare. Process automation has altered the way several businesses function and it is no different for healthcare management services. Introducing advanced software interfaces and enterprise applications helps in reducing efforts while improving efficiency. Automated processes can help in managing greater volumes, reducing human errors, and improving compliance. More importantly, since automation promotes managing resources well, it translates into cost optimization. AI can help suggest predictive outcomes and significantly improve the turnaround time taken for audit and closure.

The right use of these applications and innovations enables swift work management with minimal human errors, he adds. This not only reduces the need for manual processes but also allows the ability to redirect freed up resources into more productive engagements within the client organizations.


‘Problem-Solving Approach’ at the Heart of Innovation

Tilak reveals that the problem-solving approach is in the company’s DNA. It is constantly introducing innovative solutions to address industry problems and is challenging itself to keep evolving to swiftly implement the latest technology and offer the best solutions to the clients.

He highlights that MDI NetworX has partnered with the latest cloud platforms and technology partners to not just provide the best experience through the products, but also uninterrupted service.


Staying Ahead of the Curve with Progress 

While MDI NetworX is driven by technological innovation, the healthcare industry is largely cautious of change and is still heavily dependent on traditional ways of working. Tilak states that often it’s time-consuming to convince the clients of the benefits of the new technology. The time taken to convince the clients and eventually adapt to the new way of managing operations is long and tedious.


Valuable Certifications 

At the core of MDI’s work is its commitment to delivering exceptional services to its over 60 payer clients. From innovation to impeccable service delivery, the company is constantly pushing to scale the new heights. The company’s numerous certifications are testimony to its commitment to excellence.

Some of its most notable certifications include HITRUST, NIST, SOC 1 (Type 1 & 2), SOC 2 (Type 1 & 2) and ISO 27001.

Tilak presumes that the clients consider MDI NetworX as an extension of their teams and those acknowledgments strengthen its association. Clients have shared that the company’s insights and direction have helped them forge new paths and grow their businesses. Their appreciation and faith in the team provide them with the opportunity to keep creating innovative products.


The Future Ahead

The combined experience of the company’s leadership teams across industries and geographies gives it an edge and a problem-solving mindset, says Tilak. The team’s phenomenal expertise and dedicated focus on healthcare payers allow MDI NetworX to stay at the forefront of technological innovations in the payer industry as it continues to offer new solutions. The knowledge and experience gained over the last two decades enable the team to use the latest technologies to develop great products, which can bring about significant changes in the industry. The company envisions itself as an innovative, solutions-driven organization that empowers its partners and clients to achieve their goals and provide customers with long-term success.

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