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World’s 10 Notable Healthtech Investors Gracing the Healthcare Industry

Healthtech Investors

Top 10 Healthtech investors fuelling the healthcare advancement through investment in healthcare

Healthcare advancement has further led to the healthtech to occur that attracted impressive investment in healthcare by healthtech investors. The healthcare industry is upgrading their conventional ways of therapies into more technology-driven ones that can demolish the mundane burden on the healthcare professionals and at the same time increase proficiency and perfection. Healthtech investors across the world majorly invest in the profitability of the healthtech than their innovation. However expensive may the invention in the healthtech be it is always the performance of the system that attracts healthtech investors and the most active healthtech investors are keen for innovations as the likelihood to bring efficiency to encourage their investment in healthcare.

Khosla Ventures

A venture capital firm based in America and aims at aiding new-age technological disruptions adopted by various industries. In healthtech particularly there are 53 deals that they have already initiated and another one that is going on with even Healthtech company at a valuation of US$5 million. The generous interest in healthtech is also followed by 10 immensely honorable investments in healthtech that happened till 2019.


New Enterprise Associates, which was founded in 1977 have considerable engrossment in the investment in healthtech. The healthtech investor is categorized under the Venture Capitalists having done 50 deals hitherto 2019 in the healthtech. The firm never fails to grab opportunities to invest in the healthcare industry being one of the largest healthtech investors. Every year NEA spends millions of Dollars on futuristic technologies that can ease human labor.

Plug and Play Tech Centre

The healthtech investor regards themselves as healthtech accelerator who fund corporations mainly start-ups with innovative technology to improve the healthcare industry. A fraction of their focuses is also dedicated to healthcare data analytics as they believe it is the source of development in healthtech. Furthermore, making efforts on the way to enhance the clinical practices with healthcare advancement.

Enterprise Ireland

Another Healthtech investor that uses its optimum potential in funding the healthtech companies to be equipped with healthcare supplies. The healthcare supplies include digital health content at the point of care. Investment in healthtech is largely driven by their core product that is CXP. Services that encourage healthtech such as virtual care, digital healthcare management, cloud solutions for medical institutions are facilitated by their investment in healthtech.

Founders Fund

They are a renowned name in the investment world funding some widely acknowledged brands such as Oscar Health, Spotify, SpaceX, Facebook, and many more. Across all the industries it has a significant presence and is mainly known for investing in promising industries. The venture capital firm was founded in 2005. So far 40 investments in healthtech deals have been initiated by this healthtech investor.

Connecticut Innovations

Contemplating the future of healthcare, the healthtech investor has heightened plans in the healthcare industry. The venture capital firm believes that there are infinite scopes for healthcare advancement through digital health practices. Their real stress lies upon the healthcare data analytics that is the goldmine for healthtech. The firm has 39 accomplished deals in the healthtech sphere, naming some would be Glucose Meds, ActualMeds, and Patient Wisdom.

F-Prime Capital Partners

 The funds extended by the healthtech investor are assigned in Medtech, HealthIT, and biotechnology. The aspect of healthcare advancement is enormously respected by the capital firm as more than US$1.5 billion is invested across seven deals. Some of the renowned healthtech companies that receive investment in their healthtech are PharmEasy, MedBank, BuoyHealth, and others.

Kleiner Perkins

The Healthtech investor is abundantly tilted at creating history through investment in healthtech that constitutes the most worthwhile investments in the world. Founded in 1972 in America, the healthtech investor has now covered a sizeable mile in funding healthtech start-ups in the recent past. Some of the current year’s investments include the US$80 million on Thrive Global, US$58million on Transparent.

Sandbox Industries

The Chicago-based venture capital was established in 2003 and aims at funding start-ups with healthcare advancements challenging the convention healthcare. The investments initiated in the recent year by the company are over Owl Insights, SonarMD, and others from the previous years include Oncology analytics, Octave BioScience, and 8 more.

Ben Franklin Technology Partners

The budding group of healthtech investors has funded 34 healthtech companies till 2019. Being amongst the top 10 investors in healthtech the company has consistently proved its ground till now and continuing. Was founded in 1982, Ben Frankin Technology Partners attempt to accelerate healthcare advancement.

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