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Top 10 Surgical Robotics Companies you Need to Know in 2022

Top 10 Surgical Robotics Companies you Need to Know in 2022

10 top surgical robotics companies that will change the entire healthcare industry in 2022

A few decades ago, people predicted that medical robots might be tightly integrated into everyone’s daily life by the turn of the millennium. But even though we don’t work with robotic assistants in the office and employ robotics nannies in our homes — yet — robots have made inroads in certain industries, consisting of healthcare. Robots are an amazing fit for the healthcare industry due to the fact healthcare workers have constantly been running with cutting-edge technology. These days, robots used in the industry may be split into general categories, medical robots, and surgical robots/ surgical systems. While surgical robots are used all through operations and procedures by surgeons, medical robots are used throughout a wider range of applications, from administrative obligations in scientific settings to outpatient care. Robotic-assisted surgery stays one of the hottest areas in Medtech. Intuitive, which pioneered the field in the Nineteen Nineties and early 2000s, continues to innovate. At the same time, several different surgical robotics companies are seeking to compete. Many tech agencies withinside the healthcare industry are presently innovating robotic solutions to satisfy the needs of healthcare employees and patients. Given beneath are 10 top medical and surgical robotics companies in healthcare.


ReWalk Robotics

ReWalk makes exoskeletons for personal and industrial rehab use. The light, battery-powered system, the ReWalk Personal 6.0, is a wearable exoskeleton with motors placed on the hip and knee joints. Body moving spurs movement that the organization claims closely resembles that of human legs. A Portland, Oregon police officer, who become paralyzed in 2012 while on duty, wore one in all ReWalk’s exoskeletons to stand while raising his hand and swearing an oath as he accepted a promotion to sergeant in 2019. As of 2021, the FDA granted the organization’s ReBootexo-suit breakthrough tool designation, which may speed up the device’s overview process.


Diligent Robotics

Diligent AI-enabled robots are designed to work with people in ordinary environments. The company’s autonomous Moxi robotic may be left on my own to carry out time-eating logistical obligations in hospitals like putting in affected person rooms and restocking supplies. Capable of navigating sanatorium hallways and different tight spaces, Moxi is even imbued with social intelligence that’s conveyed thru its head movements and LED eyes. In the fall of 2018, Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas became the first U.S. hospital to apply Diligent’sMoxi robotic so its scientific staff may want to cognizance greater on patient care.


Myomo, Inc.

Myomo’s powered brace MyoPro is designed to help people who revel from paralysis or weakening of their hands or arms because of quite a few conditions. The tool reads nerve alerts from the skin’s surface, then turns on small motors that facilitate natural arm and hand movements. The company added a MyoPro version for kids in 2018, and in 2020, the company turned into legal to be a Medicare provider. As of 2022, Myomo is in the works to increase its offerings to China through a joint mission with groups Ryzur Medical and China leaf. David Henry, Myomo’s leader financial officer, stated in a record that plans are underway for the production and distribution of MyoPro generation in China for people with upper-limb paralysis.


Barrett Technology

Barrett makes articulated arms and hands — what it calls “superior robot manipulators” — for a lot of applications. The WAM Arm mimics human dexterity. The company’s BH8-collection BarrettHand can grasp an array of various objects. And Burt is designed for upper-extremity rehabilitation education and robotics research. Barrett era has been in use with U.S. rehabilitation offerings at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago on account that 2004 and the Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital on account that 2016. It even made its debut in remote places with the deployment of Burt and Estun Automation at Chinese hospitals in 2021


Energid Technologies

Energid’s Actin SDK software enables superior real-time movement control for industrial and client robotics applications in industries in which attending to market quickly is paramount. ModuleWorks, which creates computer-aided manufacturing software programs and components, partnered with Energid in 2019 to create a 3-d simulation and calculation software program using Energid’s Actin robotic controls toolkit.


Asensus Surgical

AsensusSurgical’sSenhance Surgical System for laparoscopic procedures features reusable devices and might combine with current technology. The company says time and value investments are about the same as the ones for guide laparoscopies. Asensus Surgical demoed its Senhance Surgical

The system, was the First Digital Laparoscopic Surgical Platform on the American College of Surgeons Clinical Congress in 2018. In November 2021, the Shinmatsudo Central General Hospital in Japan began to hire the company’s Senhance Surgical System, which facilitates perform laparoscopic surgeries.


Embodied, Inc.

Staffed by a crew of engineers, therapists, and gamers, Embodied makes technologically superior associate robots that showcase human-like care and compassion to enhance character health and the best of life. Embodied landed $22 million in Series funding in 2018 for its AI and robotics systems that serve the care and health sector. In 2020, Time mag spotlighted the company’s Moxie robot, which aids children’s social and emotional development, as one of the quality inventions of the year.


Harvard Biodesign Lab

Harvard Biodesign Lab develops what it calls “tender wearable robots” which are extra comfortable and much less obtrusive. They can enhance walking efficiency in wholesome people and help people who suffer from muscle weakness or different bodily and neurological disorders. Since its launch in 2017, the lab’s tender exosuit version is usually updated for loads of needs. The suit can aid extremity movement and offer sensing generation for human beings with Parkinson’s, people in want of lower-mobility help, or even soldiers and firefighters searching for a mobility boost.


Softbank Robotics

SoftBank’s robots variety from empathetic and expressive humanoids together with Pepper and NAO, to centered and task-oriented machines together with Servi and Whiz. Entertaining, instructional, and engaging, SoftBank robots can accompany sufferers during mental and bodily sporting events or entire easy carrier duties so the human body of workers can awareness of different duties. One of SoftBank’s products, NAO, become a part of the 2021 study on the blessings of interactive robots in early youth education. Such technology has helped in early studies regarding the results of the usage of robots to supplement children’s learning.


Vicarious Surgical

Vicarious Surgical’s Robotic System is designed to useful resource for surgeons with maneuverability and visibility during invasive belly procedures. The era is connected with a 360-degree-view digital digicam and flexible robot arms, capable of being inserted with a 1.5-centimeter incision and being managed remotely via way of means of the surgeon at hand. Vicarious Surgical obtained Breakthrough Device Designation by the FDA in 2019 and has passed through a pre-submission system with the FDA for 510(k) approval on its Robotic system as of 2021.

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