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Top 10 Sales Executives in Healthcare technology in 2022


Sales Executives in healthcare technology are the key to successful interactions

The Top 10 Sales Executives in Healthcare technology in 2022 are revealed in the Healthcare technology Report. Leading a team of sales professionals who carry out crucial tasks such as introducing products, structuring deals, and offering advice, Sales Executives are the key to successful interactions between an organization and its customers. All sales-related activities, including evaluating, implementing, and reporting on sales strategies that will increase revenue and expand their businesses, are the responsibility of the award recipients on this year’s list. In addition, this expansion directly equates to more patients receiving benefits and more lives being saved in the field of Healthcare technology.

List of the top 10 Sales Executives in Healthcare technology in 2022 are:

New Healthcare technology development is extremely challenging but also extremely rewarding. However, it is not sufficient to simply create new technology; it must also be made accessible to those who require it. As a result, Sales Executives are crucial to their organizations’ success. We would appreciate it if you would celebrate The Top 10 Sales Executives in Healthcare technology in 2022 with us.


1.George Zarkalis

Company: Viatris

Title: Global Head of Sales Excellence & Omnichannel Deployment

George Zarkalis serves as Viatris’ Global Head of Sales Excellence and Omnichannel Deployment. Viatris is a multinational pharmaceutical and Healthcare company. Z arkalis most recently held the position of global head of sales and KAM execution for Novartis, a Healthcare technology company, where he worked in a variety of capacities for 17 years.


2.Melanie Fox

Company: Banner Health

Title: Chief Sales Officer

Melanie Fox is the Chief Sales Officer of Banner Health, a Phoenix, Arizona-based non-profit health system.One of the largest nonprofit Healthcare systems, Banner Health offers emergency and hospital care, hospice care, long-term and home care, outpatient surgery, labs, rehabilitation services, pharmacies, and primary care. It was founded in 1999.It reported revenue of more than $12 billion in 2021;In the same year, Fox took on her current position with the company.


3.Kortney Cooper

Company: AmerisourceBergen

Sales: Vice President, Sales

Kortney Cooper, Ph.D., a vice president of sales at AmerisourceBergen, an American drug wholesale company established in 2001 by the merger of Bergen Brunswig and AmeriSource, has achieved success with a strong work ethic and attention to detail.By advancing the creation and distribution of pharmaceuticals and Healthcare products, AmerisourceBergen helps to improve people’s and communities’ health worldwide.


4.Leslie Selby

Company: Epic Systems

Title: Vice President and Sales Executive

Leslie E. Selby is Vice President and Sales Executive at Epic, the top-ranked software company for electronic health records in the Healthcare industry. She focuses on large-scale government procurements as well as developing global sales strategies and leading large-scale enterprise sales for health organizations in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The Healthcare technology Report named Selby one of the Top Women Leaders in Healthcare Software in 2021.


5.Gary Stapleton

Company: Bausch + Lomb

Title: Vice President, Sales

Gary Stapleton has been an outstanding leader at Bausch + Lomb for more than 15 years. He has held a number of senior-level executive positions, the most recent of which is Vice President of Sales.Bausch + Lomb is a Healthcare technology company in the United States that was established in 1853. With nearly 170 years of experience, it is one of the most dependable organizations in its field.


6.Suzanne Haggard

Company: LCMC Health

Title: Chief Revenue Officer

Suzanne Haggard has repeatedly distinguished herself as a leader in the field of Healthcare technology in her capacity as Chief Revenue Officer at the nonprofit health system LCMC Health, which is based in New Orleans.


7.Simon Cotton

Company: Jazz Pharmaceuticals

Title: Vice President of Sales, Hematology & Oncology

Simon Cotton has held the position of Vice President of Sales, Hematology & Oncology at Irish pharmaceutical manufacturer Jazz Pharmaceuticals since 2021. Cotton is one of the world leaders in product launches and sales for hematology and oncology technology.


8.Mitch Bernatsky

Company: Aegis Therapies

Title: Vice President, Sales

Aegis, a Healthcare technology company based in Texas, is fortunate to have Mitch Bernatsky as its current Vice President of Sales: Bernatsky has extensive experience in sales across a variety of sectors, including Healthcare.


9.Kathy O’Malley

Company: Leica Biosystems

Title: Director of Sales – Pathology

Kathy O’Malley has held the position of Director of Sales – Pathology at Leica Biosystems, a German manufacturer of medical devices, since February 2022.She previously held a number of senior sales and account management positions and has worked for the company for more than eight years in support of its mission to transform cancer diagnostics and treatment.In the fields of sales operations, life sciences, and oncology, she is acknowledged as one of the industry’s leading thinkers.


10.Megan Pinter

Company: Tandem Diabetes Care

Title: National Sales Director

Megan Pinter is Tandem Diabetes Care’s National Sales Director. She has worked in the Healthcare technology industry for more than eight years. The company has been recognized as the most dependable insulin pump manufacturer in terms of customer satisfaction thanks to her extensive sales experience.

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