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Top 10 Healthtech Leaders Giving New Perspective to Healthcare Industry

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The global healthcare industry is getting a new perspective with the help of the top 10 healthtech leaders

COVID-19 has remained a pinnacle healthcare priority for 2022, consequently the various maximum influential people in the sector this year had been dedicating their efforts to fighting the pandemic. Many healthcare professionals are working to tackle inequalities, reform healthcare technology, and locate new methods to enhance living. This article features the top 10 healthtech leaders that are the most influential humans in the global healthcare industry for 2022.


Lila Stavropoulou 

A multilingual and visionary enterprise communications consultant, specializing in advertising and social media control for B2C and B2B era and digital healthcare companies, businesses, and NGOs. Lila is likewise a Young Gasteiner and a Member of the European Health Parliament.


Shahid Shah

He is an enterprise builder. He loves making merchandise that requires complicated engineering skills however wants to be smooth to deploy and use. His enjoy has been in regulated, security-conscious, safety-critical industries consisting of Med Devices, Digital Healthcare (health IT), and Gov 2.0 due to the fact they’re typically creating the maximum demanding products and services.


Lionel Reichardt

Lionel spent 15 years in the pharmaceutical industry. In 2012 he created Pharmageek to proportion on digital health. He is a part of numerous startups in digital health. Lionel has educated loads of healthcare leaders to specialists on digital health and offers lessons in MBA DMB in numerous towns in France, Shanghai (China), Algiers (Algeria), and Casablanca (Morocco). He is director of the MBA Digital marketing business “digital healthcare” to be able to be released early 2020 in France.


John Nosta

Generally appeared because the pinnacle creative thinker in digital healthcare, John Nosta brings insightful views on health innovation even as speaking hard material to key audiences. He’s a famous contributor to Fortune, Forbes, Psychology Today, and Bloomberg.


Mattew Holt

Matthew Holt is globally known as the founder of The Health Care Blog in addition to the Health conferences, the main convention collection showcasing frontier technology in health care. The Health Care Blog, based in 2003 and study by a self-reported each day audience of 4 to 5 thousand people, calls itself the “main online forum covering the business of healthcare and the brand new thoughts which can be converting the global healthcare industry.”


Seth Berkley

Epidemiologist Seth Berkley is the CEO of the GAVI Alliance, the worldwide vaccine consortium. GAVI became based in 2000 and has stored millions of children from the death of preventable illnesses across the world, but it has possibly emerged as higher regarded recently for its COVAX program.


Adar Poonawalla

He is the CEO of the Serum Institute of India, one of the biggest vaccine producers in the world. In 2021 he helped deliver 1/2 of a billion doses of Covishield, the Indian-made model of the AstraZeneca vaccine, to all people in India and overseas. This effort, which changed into essential to India’s vaccination program, he has been awarded Entrepreneur of the Year by Economic Times.


Marija Butkovic

She is the founder and CEO of Women of Wearables, an agency that helps and promotes women in wearable tech, IoT, and fitness tech globally, presently numbering 20,000 members. She is a Forbes contributor and writes approximately diversity, startups, rising technologies, and female-led entrepreneurship.


Tara McKennie

As the vice president of Culture and Leadership Development, McKennie has been shaping the tradition of Radiology Partners, an exercise of almost 2,600 radiologists throughout 30 states. She is obsessed with the desires of minorities along with LGBTQ people, ethnic minorities, and those with disabilities and has been encouraging and selling variety within her organization.


Nick Van Terheyden

Nick Van Terheyden is a leader in Digital Healthcare and Sustainable Innovation. He brings an exclusive mixture of clinical exercise and business methods each national and international, to the area of healthcare technology. He is well-known for using technologies like Digital Healthcare, Big Data, Speech, and Artificial Intelligence in the healthcare landscape.

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