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Top 10 Healthcare Chatbots Exhibiting Power Of Healthcare AI

Healthcare Chatbots

A variety of applications flow from healthcare chatbots easing the daily work pressure of the healthcare providers. Implementation of smart algorithms helps in initiating a textual or audible conversation. These algorithms primarily facilitate the operation of healthcare AI is built by incorporating large sets of healthcare data. Therefore, healthtech companies are encouraging automation in healthcare by introducing healthcare chatbots. Smart responses from healthcare chatbots make it widely desired and sometimes connect a patient with the physician, helps in an emergency situation, and identify risky symptoms quickly.



Initially, the healthcare chatbot started its journey with identifying symptoms of different diseases, later it developed into an advanced solution for quick healthcare needs. From reminders, tracking health to showing nearby pharmacies and healthcare clinics for specific diseases and symptoms, Florence has been approved as one of the most helpful healthcare AI chatbots. 



Serves as the 24/7 digital assistant to the cancer patients without having them take the pain to visit a doctor or call them every now and then. Nevertheless, prominent medical experts have designed diet plans and physical activities for cancer patients that are generated by the healthcare AI chatbot on consulting. Furthermore, the automated chatbot is also empowered to connect the patients with oncologists, who are available throughout.



The healthcare chatbot exclusively dedicates itself to aiding users with better emotional health. By imbibing psychological techniques in the algorithms, the healthtech company trains its healthcare AI to make personalized conversations, recommend specific types of meditation, track and monitor the patient’s mental health. On conversing with the users, larger comprehension about the emotional habits of the users is noted by the AI in healthcare chatbot. 


Babylon Health

Extends healthcare AI consultation based on personal medical history and the universal healthcare data repository. Sometimes it also helps in booking appointments. Features like speech recognition, besides text recognition, are also inculcated to provide the doctor with relevant clues for suggesting prescriptions.



The healthcare chatbot developed by the healthtech company serves as an information portal in collaboration with Mayo Clinic. Patients on entering their symptoms, either by writing or orally, receive advice from the healthcare AI system, which either suggests a doctor and connects them to the patient or any remedy that can be of immediate help. 



The multi-linguistic healthcare chatbot records the medical records of the patient and the symptoms occurring from the current medical condition, to forward them to doctors. Doctors in turn after examining them, send back the prescription to the patients through the healthcare AI chatbot without any delay and in real-time. 



Installing this healthcare chatbot helps patients to realize their disease as they can access diagnosis and gain advice through the AI chatbot. However, initially after recording the symptoms of a patient, the chatbot schedules an appointment with a suitable physician. 



Specifically developed for women to track their menstrual cycle and sexual health. The healthcare chatbot by conversing with women also reminds them of their fertility phase, upcoming cycle, and birth control pills. Moreover, women also use this chatbot to receive medical advice based on their sexual health, as to some people talking about sex life with anyone is taboo. 



The healthcare AI chatbot helps in recovering less severe patients with medical advice being given at their homes. Machine learning technology imbibed in this chatbot assists it to track health-related issues and allow it to operate on both personal devices as well as websites. 



The healthcare chatbot assumes the responsibility of tracking the physical fitness levels of the users. Generally, it helps in a healthy intake of diet. By measuring the Body Mass Index, it ensures to maintain a healthy calorie count in the body of the user, thus examining and approving the kind of food the user is having. It also shows the number of calories and nutrition present in the food.

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