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Top 10 Healthcare Analytics Companies to Watch in 2022

Healthcare Analytics Companies

Healthcare analytics companies utilize advanced technologies to leverage the power of data in healthcare.

Healthcare analytics is a process in which the present and historic patient data are collected and examined using advanced digital technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning. In short, healthcare analytics without AI technology is impossible to imagine. Companies can use natural language processing (NLP), Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence to examine diagnostic text, published research, and other textual data. The ability to analyze the outputs from various medical imaging modalities is enabled by image processing skills.


IBM Watson Health

IBM Watson Health solutions provide a better-connected healthcare system that can help physicians provide better treatment while also empowering patients to make better decisions. IBM healthcare solutions could help organizations achieve better productivity within one‘s operations, collaborate better to improve results, and integrate with new organizations to enhance a more sustainable, personalized, and patient-centric system focused on value, in addition to the company’s investment in health tech research and innovation.`


Oncora Medical

They use analytics to come up with research questions, assist retrospective research, and learn about the correlations between patient variables, treatment methods, and results.

They use analytics to find research topics, organize more productive clinical trials, create patient cohorts, and track trial enrollment.


Cloud MedX Health

Cloud MedX Health is a healthcare AI firm that seeks to provide all patients and physicians with inexpensive, accessible, and standardized healthcare.

It extracts critical medical ideas for EHR and serves them to hospitals and physicians to enhance clinical operations, documentation, and patient care using NLP (Natural Language Processing) & deep learning.

The procedure is fully automated and repeatable. It transforms skilled physicians, nurses, coders, billers, and other employees into data input personnel.

It has created an AI assistant to assist clinicians and patients in making data-driven choices using their own data.



They use a combination of people, process, culture, & technology to create long-term change. They collaborate with the clients to develop data, analytics, and automation strategies & solutions that make healthcare more proactive, high-quality, and affordable for everybody.

Their industry-leading expertise in healthcare data, analytics, and automation helps us create new, creative solutions that produce high-quality business results faster and at reduced costs.


Butterfly Network

While imaging was always considered a luxury item, Butterfly IQ is working to change that in order to provide sustainable healthcare.

Butterfly IQ employs artificial intelligence in healthcare by delivering Ultrasound tools that assist in making smarter decisions directly beside the bed, while patient care takes precedence over picture capture.



Prognos is at the frontier of increasing business analytics to help medical institutions enhance their operations. Prognos was founded to provide the best data advanced analytics to healthcare professionals all around the world. Since its start, the firm has been translating diagnostic & transactional data into insight-ready information thanks to its industry-leading strategy.


Conifer Health Solutions

Conifer Health Solutions provides superior business solutions to its global client base. It is a top performer in the category of healthcare data analytics firms. Revenue cycle management & value-based care services have helped it establish a name in the market.



Optum provides individualized information to its medical clientele so that they may provide better results. It is well-known for its value-added services on a worldwide scale. Its basic beliefs have aided in its transformation into one of the greatest healthcare data analytics organizations on the market. Optum is a pharmaceutical and healthcare firm based in the United States.



It’s an AI partner that helps emergency medical dispatchers make life-saving choices. It also uses cutting-edge machine learning to assist medical practitioners in diagnosing sickness and providing cues for effective action.



Arterys is a Medical Imaging Cloud AI business that uses AI-powered technologies to improve workflow by allowing for faster diagnosis and better results.

These are some of the companies working on Data Analytics in Healthcare.

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