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Top 10 Data Science Jobs in Healthcare Industry To Apply Now

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Here is a list of 10 Data Science Jobs in the Healthcare Industry to apply in 2022

Data science is rapidly gaining traction in various businesses globally, including healthcare. Medicine and healthcare are two of the most crucial aspects of our life as humans. Medicine has traditionally relied completely on the discretion advised by doctors. It is now possible to gather precise diagnostic measures thanks to advances in computers and, in particular, Data Science and Biotech. Here is a list of 10 Data Science Jobs in the Healthcare Industry to apply in 2022.

We can enhance patient outcomes and save healthcare costs by combining all of the medical data with the correct tools and approaches. This is where a data scientist in healthcare comes in. The developing topic of healthcare research and logistics involves the junction of healthcare and data science. This field’s analysts, researchers, and data scientists can take advantage of the growing need for opportunities.

Data science is used in a variety of sectors in healthcare, including medical imaging, drug development, genomics, predictive diagnosis, and many others.

Medical Imaging Scientists

Medical Imaging Scientists use various imaging techniques like X-Ray, MRI, and CT scan to visualize the inner parts of the human body. Previously, doctors would physically review these photos and look for any anomalies. Deep learning tools in data science have now made it possible to detect such small defects in scanned photos. It is one of the best Data Science Jobs in the Healthcare Industry to apply in 2022.

Average salary: $53,672.

Genome Research Analyst

An ideal Genome Research Analyst (GRA) would work independently to interpret and curate data from scientific literature and databases, classify biomarker variants and summarize large amounts of information to provide reasoning behind those classifications to the head of clinical genomics of the organization.

Average salary: $47,230 – $51,338 P.A

Clinical Data Analysts

Clinical Data Analyst (CDA) performs all clinical data validation activities on assigned projects autonomously, as appropriate for their level of experience and project responsibility. Technical expertise on data validation activities, Data Management papers, and data cleaning matrices, such as Data Validation Specification, CRF Completion Guidelines, Protocol Deviation Specification, Mock Shell for Off-line Listing, and so on, will be provided. All tasks must adhere to company quality standards, SOPs/Work Instructions/Guides, ICH-GCP, and other foreign regulatory requirements.

Average salary: $83,390

Bioinformatics Analyst:

As a Bioinformatics Research Analyst, you will contribute to the design, analysis, and end-to-end deployment of sequence data analysis. Your day-to-day activities will cover a large array of tasks including QC, analysis, and interpretation of Whole Exome data, panel data, RNA sequence data, defining pipelines for the process, validating them to the ACMG standards. It is one of the best Data Science Jobs in the Healthcare Industry to apply in 2022.

Average salary: $87,590

Clinical Research Coordinator

A clinical data coordinator’s main responsibility is to manage and organize data collected from various clinical research initiatives. Their duties include working with many departments, updating databases with accurate information, discovering errors and discrepancies, taking corrective action, and keeping track of all transactions.

Average salary: $53,410.

Clinical Data Manager

The Clinical Data Manager II participates in the clinical data management activities for a project within a data management project team; including the processing of case report form (CRF) and electronic data in accordance with our SOPs, Good Clinical Practice, ICH Guidelines, and study documentation. It is one of the best Data Science Jobs in the Healthcare Industry to apply in 2022.

  • Study status tracking and associated metrics
  • Data Entry
  • Review and reconciliation of data listings
  • Identification of data issues and query generation
  • Updating of a database with query resolutions (paper studies only)

Average salary: $113,116.


Bio-Statisticians collect, analyze, and evaluate data and provide statistical support including experimental design and statistical analysis for routine clinical studies. In addition, statisticians’ everyday tasks may include designing data gathering systems, Analyzing routine clinical study data using the statistical methodologies according to the study protocol and regulatory requirements.

Works with investigators to formalize analysis plans and reporting specifications; advises as to the choice of statistical analysis strategies, reliability of measurements and identifiability of models, and interpretation and presentation of statistical results.

Average salary: $76,884

Repository of Clinical Data Researchers

They have access to information from a clinical data repository that contains the electronic medical records of over 4.5 million patients. Recruitment planning, retrospective cohort studies, and observational studies can all benefit from the information in this collection.

The average salary is $51,173

Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning engineers develop data funnels and supply software solutions, which is a typical job need. They often need good statistics and programming skills, as well as an understanding of software engineering. They are responsible for executing tests and experiments to monitor the performance and usefulness of machine learning systems in addition to creating and building them.

The average salary is $114,826.

Machine Learning Scientist

Typical job responsibilities include researching novel data methodologies and algorithms for application in adaptive systems, such as supervised, unsupervised, and deep learning techniques. Research Scientist or Research Engineer are common titles for machine learning scientists. It is one of the best Data Science Jobs in the Healthcare Industry to apply in 2022.

The Average Salary is $114,826

Experts in data science are required in practically every profession, from government security to the healthcare sector and dating apps. Big data is used by millions of organizations, clinics, and government departments to prosper and get better consumer outcomes. Jobs in data science, especially in the healthcare and medicine industry, are in high demand, and this trend isn’t going away anytime soon.

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