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Top 10 Cloud Computing Solutions Impacting Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Industry

Top 10 cloud-based healthcare platform applications that are bringing a whole new change in the healthcare industry

There has been a huge change in the consumption, generation, storage space, and sharing of healthcare data. From conventional storage space to digitalization of patient data, the healthcare industry has certainly come a lengthy way in optimizing its data organization practices. For an industry that has traditionally lagged behind its competitors, the healthcare segment is dependent on cloud acceptance. According to the report of West Monroe Partner, 36% of hospitals surveyed held more than 50 percent of data or infrastructure in the cloud-based healthcare platform. Healthcare thus proved to be the utmost with cloud computing in healthcare adoption when compared to any other organization. The extensive adoption of cloud computing in healthcare goes far away beyond just storing data on cloud construction. Cloud-based healthcare platforms are now leveraging this skill to gain optimize workflows, efficiencies, lessen the costs linked with healthcare liberation, and present personalization in concern plans to progress outcomes.


1. Synnefx

Indian startup Synnefx offers a cloud-based healthcare platform that performs hospital data management. It automates patient data compilation, study, and archival. It also offers insights on the worth and performance indicators of numerous hospital departments to recognize patient-related trends like the number of admissions of patients. This enables hospitals to recognize deficiencies in everyday operations and reduce them.


2. Unelma 

Unelma is based out of Nepal and Finland, which develops E-Aspatal, it is a cloud-based healthcare platformCloud computing in healthcare has an instinctive dashboard that permits hospital staff to access and track patient prescriptions and medication, patient data, schedule appointments for doctors, and receive expenditure.


3. Medpeople

Medpeople offers a cloud-based healthcare platform regarding staffing. It automates the procedure of contacting nurses and doctors to confirm their accessibility for their shifts in hospitals. Cloud computing in healthcare features a database of confirmed doctors and nurses that are accessible for many hospitals to fill up any vacancies when they are short of staff. It enables doctors to get more work while ensuring hospitals always have trained staff obtainable.



DOCYET is a cloud-based healthcare platform. It features a smart chat helper that interacts with the patient. The assistant asks precise health-related questions to the patients and creates an opening report from this appointment. This report contains patient data like symptoms and possible illness and is straightforwardly stored on the hospital structure.


5. Cohere Health

Cohere Health offers modified healthcare by having the patient history and creating evidence-based concern paths. It leverages interoperability and data analytics to generate care journeys and advance teamwork between healthcare industry providers, health plans, and patient records. Cloud computing in healthcare also automates previous approval processes during treatments to make them well-organized and lessen avoidable costs.


6. Medsphere

Medsphere offers a variety of cloud-based healthcare platforms. It’s an electronic health record platform that provides services to multiple sectors, counting financial, clinical, accounting, nursing, and several others. Employing Microsoft’s secure Azure® cloud computing in the healthcare platform, the corporation also helps providers deal with scheduling, registration, billing, claims, etc.


7. Cleardata

Planned to play well with other communal clouds, ClearDATA’s HIPAA-compliant cloud protects sensitive patient data via observance safeguards, develops automation and healthcare knowledge. The platform also powers serious applications and mechanically finds changes in cloud accounts so the healthcare industry can rapidly take action to those alterations in a variety of ways.


8. Nintex

Nintex eliminates manuscripts, streamlines instruction manual processes, and drags significant data out of its silos, as a result enhancing the overall patient experience. The hospitals provide their automation services to an assortment of healthcare industry professionals, from doctors and nurses to the creators of pharmaceuticals and medical strategies.


9. Carecloud

Carecloud is an open platform that helps the healthcare industry to improve its competence and effectiveness. Cloud computing in health care also lets them attach directly with patients to provide better health care. Applications comprise practice management, patient experience, revenue cycle management, mobile app, electronic health records, healthcare analytics, and many more.


10. Medable

Medable’s medical-grade cloud-based healthcare platform facilitates direct-to-patient by supporting hospitals applications and storing individual health information for clinical providers and researchers. In addition, cloud computing in healthcare can be used by developers to develop or make apps for tablets, mobile, and desktops.

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