Top 10 Biotech Stocks to Invest in November 2021

Biotech Stocks

Best biotech stocks that brilliantly inspire the experience of investment in biotech

Biotech companies are rising in prominence with their life-saving therapies and so as their stocks in relevance and demand. Eminent biotech stocks are selling more often than before. With increasing dependency on curable medicines, biotech companies are expected to grow parallel to the human population. Investment in the stock market and investment in biotech are two different perspectives with respect to the capital earned. Healthcare finance in the stock market has an impressive rate of scale that cannot be left untapped by the investors. However, some renowned biotech companies are currently ahead of the others.

The medical technologies developed by the biotech companies are incredibly useful and have positioned successfully in the healthcare industry since their inception with life-saving drugs. Biotech is an inevitable pillar of healthcare without which the function of the industry will go haywire. As an integral part of healthcare finance biotech stocks value tremendously profitable compared to any other division of the industry. With the current trend in telemedicine, the demand for biotech companies and their collaborations are highly in demand.


One of the leading biotech companies that have remarkable pharmaceutical innovations in the industry has high chances of yielding valuable stocks. Lately, their vaccine discovery against Covid-19 has made it even more lucrative to be valued hat it is today. As the pioneering company in introducing the Covid-19 vaccine, it is likely to earn a handsome revenue this year. Apart from that, Pfizer as a biotech company has a wide variety of trusted drugs and medicines prescribed by physicians and especially oncologists all year long across the world and this makes it really an impressive stock to buy for the investors.

Gilead Sciences

Another popular biotech stock to look forward to because of its upcoming treatments for chronic ailments like rheumatoid arthritis and HIV. The latter disease is likely to be confronted by a permanent cure with the therapy that is going through phase 2 trials as an endeavor of Gilead Sciences. Nevertheless, Gilead, in the recent past, has been a popularly recognized biotech company when it discovered Remdesivir as a successful drug in treating Covid-19 in humans and also procured emergency use permission from FDA. All these future prospects attached to Gilead Sciences are raising their position in the stock market.

Vertex Pharmaceuticals

The biotech company has accomplished four different treatments for preventing cystic fibrosis and is aiming to target the gene-editing discipline ith Crispr and  Exonic Therapeutics. It has landslide victories in introducing multiple drugs and treatments including a unique advantage over other therapies against cystic fibrosis that enable the survivor to live a better life with a longer life expectancy rate. The biotech stock is comparatively profitable as its incessant efforts in breaking through conventional treatments continue.

Amongst one of the e-commerce giants which has already a prosperous presence in the stock market but also as a biotech company that was known by few. In association with Unity Biotech, Jeff Bezos, the ambitious owner of amazon is on a journey on the quest to find an anti-aging solution. The effort to reverse the functions of the aging cells is gaining Amazon an incredible place in the stock market. Investment in biotech companies that has virtuous objectives in place is never a grim action.


Investment in biotech considers several factors and one is the recent developments that have occurred in the biotech company and its efficacy. For the record, Biogen is one of those biotech firms that has proved its ground in introducing treatment for Alzheimer’s disease was long due. The standard care of Alzheimer’s is expected to draw the treatment initiated by Biogen which will cause it to increase a significant number of sales by 2027. As a result, their value in the stock market is contemplated to be impressive.

Alexion Pharmaceuticals

The Soliris treatment coined by this biotech company makes investment in biotech even more interesting as the revenue collected by Alexion is no less than $500,000 annually. The competitive nature of business exhibited by Alexion is highly beneficial for investors as they not only scale towards aiding healthcare but also keep a close eye on the competitor’s forthcoming pharmaceutical inventions.


One of the vaccine manufacturers against Covid-19 that have acquired 100 efficacy approvals in its 3rd clinical trial. This is not all about Novavax as a biotech company, the Nanoflu vaccine awaiting to get Accelerated Approval Pathway has also qualified and acknowledged by FDA. Novavax as a biotech stock is also a phenomenal player in the stock market as by 2026 it is expected that the Nanoflu vaccine will be marked as a standard treatment for Influenza.

Sage Therapeutics

Central nervous system disorders like schizophrenia are dealt with by this biotech company. A profitable biotech stock is followed after the SAGE-718 drug that treats Huntington’s disease effectively and saves survivors of depressive ailments.

uniQure NV

The endeavor to administer one-time treatment for genetic disorders like hemophilia B and Huntington’s disease adopted by this biotech company lets it secure a dignified position in the stock market and lead it to grow healthcare finance.

Agios Pharmaceuticals

The biotech stock is one of the best value due to its relieving therapies in the field of gene-oriented diseases that have left multiple lives to suffer till their death. They are also the ones to achieve approval for metapivat usage by FDA in new drug applications.

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