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Top 10 AI in Healthcare Acquisitions And Mergers in 2022

AI in Healthcare

Let’s have a look at a few AI Healthcare Acquisitions and Mergers that emerged in 2022

AI or Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning related Healthcare acquisitions and mergers have been on a rise. AI acquisitions are propelling companies to gain a strong footprint by combining their existing technologies with AI. Here is a list of the top 10 AI in healthcare acquisitions and mergers in the Healthcare domain that took place in 2022.

1. Nuance, an IoT voice recognition business, was acquired by Microsoft for $19.7 billion. Microsoft hopes to expand ambient clinical intelligence or other Microsoft cloud services to the healthcare business by merging the Microsoft Cloud in Healthcare with Nuance’s medical dictation & transcription technologies.

2. Sayana, AI-driven psychological health, and wellness firm has been acquired by Headspace Health, the world’s most accessible and comprehensive digital mental health platform. Headspace Health’s capacity to deliver individualized self-care material to its increasing worldwide user base will be enhanced thanks to Sayana. Sergey Fayfer, the founder and CEO of Sayana, will join Headspace Health as a product leader, with skilled professionals of engineers and designers that will help the firm continue to improve its distinctive and engaging user experiences. It is one of the best AI in healthcare acquisitions and mergers in the Healthcare domain that took place in 2022.

3. OpenMed, a digital innovation in addressing care gaps, facilitating access to treatment, and promoting real-time cooperation between healthcare payers/risk-bearing organizations (RBOs) and clinicians, has been acquired by Carenet Health, a provider of 24/7 medical engagement or on-demand telehealth solutions. Through mobile applications, texts, emails, interactive voice response, and live/phone interactions, OpenMed’s SaaS-based, programmable access-to-care platform links physicians, patients, health plans, laboratories, and other healthcare institutions. Appointment scheduling, reverse planning, directions, and requisition services are all available through OpenMed’s platform, which connects patients, services, clinicians, and payers. OpenMed also provides a telehealth service that is available on demand.

4. Venture capital firms Hellman & Friedman & Bain Capital paid $17 billion for Athenahealth. The present management team of Athenahealth will remain in place. It is one of the best AI in healthcare acquisitions and mergers in the Healthcare domain that took place in 2022.

5. Google has agreed to pay $5.4 billion for cybersecurity firm Mandiant. Google hopes to strengthen its cloud operations with more cybersecurity products as a result of the purchase, which would safeguard businesses across sectors that have witnessed a rise in cyberattacks on their systems. The transaction is likely to be completed later this year.

6. Sirona Medical, a software firm located in San Francisco, made its first acquisition: Nines’ Radiology AI branch, for $62.5 million in Series A and B funding. Nines’ powerful clinical data pipelines, machine learning engine, radiological workflow reporting and analytics tools, and two FDA-cleared radiology diagnostic solutions were all acquired by Sirona. Sirona expects that their platform would make AI deployment at scale easier.

7. Dileny Technologies LLC, a deep technology healthcare firm providing unique artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for detection and diagnosis radiology workflow, has been acquired by Astute Imaging LLC, a supplier of imaging-guided treatment and procedure planning services. Astute Imaging will be able to use AI to improve its present offering, extend services, and develop new medical imaging solutions as a result of the purchase. It is one of the best AI in healthcare acquisitions and mergers in the Healthcare domain that took place in 2022.

8. R1 RCM, a revenue cycle management firm, is set to buy Cloudmed, an AI-based revenue cycle management platform, in an all-stock deal for $4.1 billion. The transaction is expected to be finalized in the second quarter of 2022, according to the firms.

9. IBM has agreed to sell its Watson Health data and assets to investment firm Francisco Partners, in what might be a move to reorganize IBM’s operations and focus the corporation on cloud computing. The purchase price has not been revealed, but it is slated to close in the 2nd quarter of 2022.

10. TherapeuticsMD’s vitaCare Prescription Services will be acquired by digital health platform GoodRx for $150 million. The vitaCare platform assists consumers in understanding their health insurance coverage, identifying cost-cutting opportunities, and facilitating communication amongst payors and providers, as well as offering a route for prescriptions to be filled throughout its network of third-party pharmacies. The vitaCare purchase, according to the business, will provide it with more methods to simplify prescriptions and ensure that patients can get and afford the pharmaceuticals they need. It is one of the best AI in healthcare acquisitions and mergers in the Healthcare domain that took place in 2022.

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